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Alongside in Heavy Seas.jpg (24731 bytes)

The Maddox in Rough Seas

Burial at Sea.jpg (74857 bytes)

Burial at Sea

Battleship Yamato.jpg (30903 bytes)

The Japanese Battleship Yamato

Battleship Yamato Burns.jpg (13749 bytes)

The Japanese Battleship Yamato in Flames

Pilot Rescue-1.jpg (67438 bytes)

Saving a Downed Pilot

Pilot Rescue-2.jpg (53399 bytes)

Pilot Coming Safely Aboard

Close Call.jpg (91875 bytes)

Japanese Torpedo Plane - Close Miss

Keeping Score.jpg (36315 bytes)

Keeping Score

Gun Crews.jpg (93779 bytes)

40MM Mounts Between Attacks

Heavy Action.jpg (20596 bytes)

Lots of Action

Franklin Burns.jpg (21411 bytes)

USS Franklin CV-13 Under Attack

USS Hornet.jpg (55273 bytes)

USS Hornet with Destroyed Forward Flight Deck

Saratoga Fights for Life.jpg (55910 bytes)

USS Saratoga Fights Fire on Flight Deck

Transferring Wounded.jpg (71653 bytes)

Evacuating the Wounded

Fleet Plot.jpg (72882 bytes)

Fleet Plot

Liberated Prisioners.jpg (66329 bytes)

Liberated Prisoners

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