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Ships of the Pacific Fleet
Battleship Missouri.jpg (60750 bytes)

Battleship Missouri

Battleship New York.jpg (34335 bytes)

Battleship Nevada

Jeep Carrier.jpg (61166 bytes)

Fully Loaded Jeep Carrier

Rough Seas.jpg (26643 bytes)

Fighting into Heavy Seas

Ships In Danger
Franklin Ablaze.jpg (48423 bytes)

USS Franklin, 5-inch Mount Ablaze

Franklin Engulfed.jpg (80549 bytes)

Franklin Looking Doomed

Franklin Listing Heavily.jpg (67144 bytes)

The Franklin with Heavy List Survives

Bunker Hill.jpg (74788 bytes)

USS Bunker Hill After Attack

USS Intrepid In Danger.jpg (52530 bytes)

USS Intrepid in Trouble

Aaron Ward.jpg (53300 bytes)

USS Aaron Ward - Incredible Result of Kamikaze Attack

The War in the Pacific Finally Ends

Fleet in Tokyo Bay.jpg (84896 bytes)

The Victorious Pacific Fleet at Anchor in Tokyo Bay

In Tokyo Bay.jpg (69622 bytes)

The Fleet Steams into Tokyo Bay Beneath Mt. Fuji

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